Month: November 2019

Auto credit and withdrawal periods

For the purpose of consumer protection, the Consumer Code imposes a withdrawal period after acceptance of the car credit agreement, thus avoiding impulsive subscriptions. The loan agreement contains specific information and becomes effective when the withdrawal period has expired. What is the right of withdrawal? The so-called “consumption law”, resulting from the Hamon bill, came Read More

Do you know why the KEROS of a motorcycle costs more expensive than that of a car?

For motorcycle drivers, buying the KEROS is not as easy a task as it is for a car driver. When reviewing prices, one realizes that this insurance has a quite different cost for motorcycles, in other words, it is more expensive. But does the KEROS for motorcycles offer something that the car engine doesn’t? The Read More

Fixed interest rate. Or maybe better variable?

Everyone who has taken out a loan at least once in their life has noticed that depending on the product, each commitment involves several or even several different fees. You have to be able to compare and analyze them to choose the best offer for yourself. We can divide these costs into those that the Read More

Consumer credit: a slightly growing market

Neither more nor less: the production of consumer credits in August 2019 was equivalent to that of August 2018, i.e. 3.1 billion USD according to figures from the French Association of Financial Companies. Stability is also required between June and August (-0.1%), while the counters for the year 2019 are in the green (+ 1.5%). Read More